Agents of Discovery

Welcome to the OFFICIAL Agents of Discovery Promo Store featuring a selection of products to help you promote your Mission site!  Use these products as rewards for reaching goals, rewarding players, promoting your Missions, etc.  All of the products here are fully customizable so you can use your Field Agent and Mission name

If you don't see what you want, email Brittney at and tell her what you need.

You may select any Agents of Discovery logo or upload your Avatar logo if yours is not shown. AN EMAIL PROOF WILL BE PROVIDED FOR APPROVAL BEFORE PRODUCTION.  

Some pricing may be subject to change because of tariffs.   Also, pricing for items into Canada do not include any duties where applicable.  Canadian customers, please feel free to email us with your inquiries.  

Shipping rate to Canada may be different from our published tiered rate quoted on checkout.  A shipping estimate for Canadian orders will be emailed for approval before proceeding.  

Note: There will be a license fee on items using the Agents of Discovery wording.

Due to the fluctuation in pricing, please consult Brittney to confirm today's current price.